OPTIONS for discussion

We have looked at initial ways of individually addressing the “ISSUES and CONSTRAINTS” raised in the previous post.  None of the below images represents an overall masterplan design.  If you would like to make a comment, please do so via the link to our online questionnaire.



“Poor interface between Selborne Walk Mall and Town Square”

a. extend The Mall to create improved edge to Town Square and Selborne Road



2. “Poor quality pedestrian links on arrival from Walthamstow Central”

3.”Poor quality and complex environment at junction of Selborne Road and Hoe Street”

This option aims to improve the accessibility from Walthamstow Central and the character of Selborne Rd.

a. re-orientate Walthamstow Central station so the main entrance is on the North (top) side
b. remove the bus stops from the frontage of Walthamstow Central
c. de-clutter the street, extend the fpavement, straighten kerb lines
d. simplify traffic movement on junction with Hoe Street
e. use high quality materials on footway and improve tree planting



4. “Poor quality environment at link-way between bus station and High Street/ Arcade Site”

5. “Poor interface with housing and Tescos created by fencing and bus waiting area”

6. “Poor relationship between rear of library interface and public space (service yard)”

This option aims to extend the public space of the Town Square across the bus station

a. reduce bus parking-area to release land for public space and move bus parking to Selborne Road
b. remove fences and barriers to bus station to integrate better with Town Sq.
c. improved surface materials and straighter kerbs to bus station
d. possibly move some bus stops to Selborne Road to reduce time spent in bus station loop?


SOLVING ISSUES 7, 8, 9 +10

7. “Poor quality connections at junction of High Street and Hoe Street”

8.”Poor quality environment at bus waiting area at outside Council Buildings on Hoe Street (opposite Arcade Site)”

9.”Close proximity to rear gardens of Cleveland Park Avenue”

10. “Incomplete street-frontages at junction of important high streets”

This option aims to develop the Arcade Site so as to create good high streets and public realm

a. create a wide shared-surface, public space at end of High street, extending material across Hoe Street/ High Street junction
b. make the most of the sunlight from the south-facing direction
c. create active edges to High Street and Hoe Street, with cafes, restaurants and commercial units
d. improve the legibility of the corner of High Street from Hoe Street
e. create a better quality public space outside the Council Buildings on Hoe Street, relating to the Arcade Site



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